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Birds eye view of Ilocos Norte Philippines

Aviation Link Asia Training Center

One of the Safest Flying School in the Philippines

Aviationlink Asia Training Center (AVLink) was founded by Capt. Gresefo Martinez, and now taken over by Capt. Glen Gorospe. Aviationlink Asia Training Center, Started with just 15 students. Have been aiming high since it was established. With the dedication of the Team including the management guided by Capt. Glen Gorospe who is both a multi-rated pilot and an accomplished engineer, has set the motion for the school to become the trusted pilot training center that it is today.

This trust opened doors for Aviationlink Asia Training Center to establish a strong partnerships in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and India where a good number of our foreign students come from.

With the dedication and persistence of the school Aviationlink Asia Training Center to produce world-class pilots to compete in the aviation industry, and become one of the best. We continue to train and develop pilots who we assure that they will have their place in the AVIATION WORLD.

Due to our well studied training programs, we make sure students of Aviationlink Asia are prepared and ready with the right attitude, skill set and knowledge to get things done. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT to those who are dedicated and persistent.

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